「Masterlist screencaps 」

I decided to make this masterlist page, for easier access to my screencaps~!!!! ;D
Lol. I apologize to my f-list for spamming today. *bows*

I don't make screencaps anymore xD; Real life (and other fandoms) has taken over my life. But I do hope you guys will find this somewhat useful. So the likelihood of taking in requests and suggestions are pretty much zero lol

Enjoy them~!


☇List last updated: 12.19.10
☇Grand total: 75

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so lost

I have no idea what's going on within my fandoms anymore lol
I'm so not updated o_____________________o;;

I miss watching JE related shows but at the same time kinda lazy to watch them haha.
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So this is for those who friended me for my jrock screencaps.

I suggest you download what you need cause I'm actually thinking of deleting them in my MF account (not sure yet, I'm still deciding)

I know one of the LM.C screencaps already got deleted already weeks ago before all this happened. I was actually planning to re-make those and put them up again but now I don't know if I should.

I'm just a little paranoid about all the issues with MU and Filesonic @_@;; But ya know I guess just to be on the safe side.

Not sure if I will dl my screencaps and keep them in my hd just in case anyone needs it... (cause I personally dont need them)
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to jrockchocolate

I couldn't message you back because you disabled non-lj friends to message you/reply to your messages so I am posting my reply here. XD I just hope you'll see this. And just reply here by commenting so it'll be easier for me to reply back

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And to my lj friends you can just ignore this.
Tacchon - cutie

officially on hiatus

I'm pretty much dead in lj these past week so might as well put this up. I'm so busy with all the reading I have to do AND college applications

(I swear I didn't expect college apps to be this time consuming)

so I'll still log in to check f-list for updates (though I rarely get through all the pages since there's just oo much community updates XD)
But other than I won't be as active cause I want to focus on getting my applications together and my personal statement. yes I haven't started my personal statement haha

And I also have all these other issues with financial stuff for college but I won't get into details with that.

damn school XD;
Tacchon & Hina

oh look at mah icon haha XD

friends cut? D:

Anyways I did some friends cut. :x I don't do it often but I just felt like doing one because my list is cluttered.

So I was looking through my list and some of the people I don't even remember being friends with LOL I was like "Eh? Who's this o-o"
Some I've never talked to at all. Some I tried making a convo before but I guess it never worked out.

It's weird I had a mutual friend who hates jpop.. Like wut. How did we become friends XD; I guess I accepted her friend request cause she likes jrock and all, but I don't want any jpop haters on my list please :x Plus it wasn't until recently that I read through her "intro post" and it says she hates kpop/jpop...so yea. No hating on pop on this lj. :D

So I cut you maybe because...
A) You haven't updated for months / since last year
B) We don't have same interest anymore
C) There's no effort between the two of us to hold a convo/get to know each other (even though we both update)

I actually wanted to do this few months back but I was hoping those who haven't updated would come back but never did... :'( But there's still some people who I'm hoping to come back. So I didn't cut them <3

My old jrock buddies have abandoned me! D: There's only a few who's active. XD Oh well....

If you can view this entry here then you're not cut :D *PARTIES*
Here have a creeper Masuda :D

For those who I did remove I'm sorry if I was the one who friended you at first :(

Btw I didn't remove anyone who I made friends with in the J.E friend meme thingys from a while back :D I love you guys!

It actually feels nice to kinda start over. I have new icons, new header and then deleted some info on my intro post and stuff. It's like a new start woohoo. In a way I want to start all over with my lj friends who I actually talk to :3 *hugs ebriibodii*

Now excuse me while I stalk you guy's ljs so I can make up on what I missed. :)

P.S I want Arashi ni Shiyagare ep with Kanjani subbed now!! I can't wait to see all the epicness of it omg XD


First things first, to xxjimu I'm sorry it took me this long to post this. I'm in the late stage of my juniorities so it was difficult for me to overcome it. XD But today I was able to gather my strength and got rid of procrastination (temporarily lol)

Those who didnt know, I was supposed to post this on Sho's bday.... and yea...................

So shall we start the Sho spam? XD
The things we love our Keio boy Sho :D

(btw, that's my first sparkly text ever used :O)

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SuG Icons :O

It's been so loooong since the last time I've actually made batch of icons (other than for myself) XD; Well I just thought to kill time a little while ago by making some.

Err sorry if they're too simple, boring, plain or whatever. But I like simplicity on my icons. XD My icon making skill is a bit rusty ^^;;

「51] SuG Icons

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it's midnight & I feel like posting

I barely watched this episode yesterday and I just had the urge to make gifs.
And I couldn't stop replaying the parts when they spoke in English XD
Nino knows he's right lol ♥ His English is adorable!
(and am I the only one who loves the sound effect when Nino did that thumbs-up? XD)

Some of the gifs I made ended up being huge in size. Like 9mb or something XD; I was too lazy to make it smaller orz
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And I also downloaded the Nylon scans of Aiba

I love his look the one 2nd to the right :D
He looks cool :B

Well that's all I wanted to post. Good night and...